If you get your cherry poped, blood will splatter everywhere, and it will hurt when you stick it in. If you want to f**k, atleast do it with a comdon for it won’t hurt like talking about and you can’t fget pregnant, so please use a rubber. I have sex every night with my boyfriend who had his cherry poped; it hurt when he poped it but now he can stick it throught without it hurting.

It is possible for some people to experience soreness or agony when their hymen tears, while others may not be aware of it at all.In the event that you’re attempting penetrative intercourse for the first time and the pain becomes intolerable, you should try to put the experience on hold and arrange an appointment with your doctor to ensure that you don’t have an underlying health condition at play.

Does it hurt to pop a cherry on your first time?

What 13-year-old Girls Said My first experience was completely painless. It does not include the ripping of the hymen, therefore there is no ″cherry popping.″ You don’t have to ‘pop a cherry,’ but you can rupture your hymen instead. I recommend starting with one finger at a time and working your way up from there.

What does “popping your cherry” mean?

The term ‘popping your cherry’ refers to the ‘popping’ of the hymen and is used to describe the process. When you rupture your hymen via vaginal intercourse, you may observe a little quantity of blood draining from your cervix.

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Does the tearing of the hymen feel like Cherry popping?

It does not include the ripping of the hymen, therefore there is no ″cherry popping.″ It is not painful to tear the hymen since it is nothing more than a thin piece of tissue that does not result in blood if it is ripped. The person will get wounded if he hits you too hard and too fast, though.

Can you pop your cherry without your period?

There are a plethora of methods to ‘pop your cherry,’ yet only a few, if any, of them really require sexual contact. According to the findings of the same study, some females are even born without a hymen. Even said, if you are experiencing discomfort or bleeding that is not linked with your period, you should always consult with your doctor about the situation.

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