Sprite Cranberry was an innovative taste that was launched for a limited period in the United States during the winter season from 2013 to 2018. The flavor was only available for a few months each year. It was rebranded and reformulated in 2019, and from that point forward it will be known as Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry.

What is the new flavor of sprite called?

The Coca-Cola Company made the decision in 2019 to rename and reformulate the original taste of Sprite Cranberry to a new ″spiced″ up cranberry flavor called Sprite Winter Spice Cranberry. This change was implemented in 2019.

What flavor is winter Spiced Cranberry?

Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry is a Winter Spiced Cranberry flavor of Sprite, identical to its predecessor, which was called Sprite Cranberry. As its name says, Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry is a flavor of Sprite. It has a transparent hue.

Will Sprite Cranberry come back 2021?

Sprite will bring back its Winter Spiced Cranberry flavor for the 2021 holiday season, in addition to releasing a new zero-sugar variant. For the 2021 winter holiday season, Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry will be available once again on shop shelves across the country, and it will be accompanied by a brand new version of the beverage that is Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry Zero Sugar.

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When did Sprite Cranberry ad come out?

Midway through the month of November in 2017, Sprite introduced its limited-time cranberry flavor, accompanied by a brand-new animated commercial that featured the musical artist DRAM.

Is Sprite Cranberry a seasonal drink?

Sprite is already getting into the holiday spirit with the return of its famous winter flavor, Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry. This taste has been a fan favorite for the past several years. According to Comic Book, the festive beverage made its debut in 2013, had a makeover in 2019, and has since established itself as a popular favorite in the intervening years.

Is regular Sprite cranberry coming back?

  1. It has been decided that the Original Sprite Cranberry flavor will not be available for the Christmas season this year.
  2. Even though it has been replaced by a ″winter spiced″ edition, the original must be brought back since it just cannot compare to the newer version.
  3. By joining this petition, you will be contributing to the effort to bring back the finest seasonal drink that has ever been created.

Is Sprite cranberry coming back 2020?

As of the 28th of September in 2020: The introduction of Winter Spiced Cranberry Sprite and Coca-Cola Cinnamon over the Christmas season of 2016 brought a new level of excitement to our celebrations. In light of the fact that the joy of the holidays looks to be just around the corner, it has also been stated that both seasonal sodas will be available once more this year.

When did Sprite come out?

Sprite is a citrus-flavored soft drink that tastes clean, crisp, and refreshing thanks to the addition of lime and lemon. It was originally made available for purchase in 1961, and as of right now, it is being distributed in over 190 different nations. Sprite is a citrus-flavored soft drink that tastes clean, crisp, and refreshing thanks to the addition of lime and lemon.

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Where did Sprite cranberry go?

After the holiday season in 2018, the Sprite Cranberry flavor was phased out and replaced with the Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry flavor.

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