The emoji, sometimes known as the Cherry emoji, has a variety of interpretations on Snapchat, which has led to a great deal of misunderstanding among users. The cherry emoji has been connected with a variety of different meanings by different users: A happy relationship is indicated through the usage of the Cherry emoji, which some Snapchat users use to signify their status.

Cherry indicates that you are already involved in a romantic relationship. You’re wedded if you’re holding a banana. Avocado denotes that you are the more desirable part of the couple. Strawberry indicates that you have not been able to locate the appropriate one. Lemon indicates that you wish to be single.

Why are people posting Cherry on their Snapchat stories?

The reason why individuals are writing the word ‘cherry’ on their Snapchat story is because they are employing a code that both surreptitiously discloses a person’s relationship status and drives those who are not well-versed in Generation Z emoji talk completely insane. If that wasn’t enough to throw you for a loop, consider that this pattern began in 2016.

What do the different fruits mean on Snapchat?

Each sort of relationship status is connected with a distinct type of fruit, which you can then upload to your Snapchat story using the appropriate fruit.For example, the word ‘blueberry’ indicates that you are single.It’s intricate, as symbolized by the pineapple.What about the cherry?It indicates that you are in a relationship, yet whether or not you want to disclose with whom is entirely up to you.

What is the Snapchat fruit game and who started it?

As reported by Wojdylo Social Media, an unknown group of adolescent females with too much free time and an aim to ‘confuse boys’ began playing the Snapchat fruit ‘game’ shortly after Christmas in 2016. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for individuals to figure out how to interpret the code.

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What is the

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