On November 1st, 2019, it was officially made available for purchase at retail locations across the United States for a short time. It was packaged in 6-pack minicans multipacks, 12-packs, 20-ounce bottles, and 2-liters, and it will remain on shop shelves until December 31st, 2019.

Sprite Cranberry was an innovative taste that was launched for a limited period in the United States during the winter season from 2013 to 2018. The flavor was only available for a few months each year. It was redesigned and modified in 2019, receiving the new name Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry from that point forward.

Sprite Cranberry
Flavor: Cranberry-Lemon-Lime
Color: Clear

What is the latest version of Sprite Cranberry?

Another variant of the Sprite Cranberry flavor, dubbed ″Winter Spiced Cranberry,″ was made available as a limited edition in the month of September 2019. The Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license applies to community content unless otherwise specified.

Is there sprite Cranberry this year?

It has been decided that the Original Sprite Cranberry flavor will not be available for the Christmas season this year.Even though it has been replaced by a ″winter spiced″ edition, the original must be brought back since it just cannot compare to the newer version.By joining this petition, you will be contributing to the effort to bring back the finest seasonal drink that has ever been created.

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Is Sprite Cranberry coming back 2020?

Update, September 28, 2020: The introduction of Winter Spiced Cranberry Sprite and Coca-Cola Cinnamon over the Christmas season of 2016 brought a new level of excitement to our celebrations. In light of the fact that the joy of the holidays looks to be just around the corner, it has also been stated that both seasonal sodas will be available once more this year.

Is Sprite Cranberry commercial coming back 2021?

The post Dieline – Design, Branding & Packaging Inspiration appeared first on Sprite Announces Return Of Winter Spiced Cranberry, Adds ‘Zero’ Version For 2021.

When did Sprite cranberry come out?

Sprite Cranberry is a variant of Sprite that has flavors of lemon-lime and cranberry in addition to the original Sprite flavor. Along with Sprite Cranberry Zero, it was released in 2013 as a limited edition taste for the holiday season in an effort to compete with PepsiCo’s Mist Twist Cranberry Splash, which was also released in 2013.

Does Target sell Sprite cranberry?

Target has six packs of mini cans of Sprite with a winter spice cranberry flavor. Each can contains 6.75 fluid ounces.

Does 7/11 have Sprite cranberry?

The following table contains the dietary information as well as the number of Weight Watchers points associated with a Sprite Cranberry Slurpee Lite purchased at 7-Eleven.

Is Walmart selling Sprite cranberry?

You can get Sprite Soda in a Winter Spiced Cranberry flavor at Walmart.com for 7.5 fluid ounces for a six-pack.

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