On Cape Cod, the fall season marks the beginning of cranberry harvesting. Cranberries may be consumed in a variety of forms, such as in a glass of juice, as dried fruit, as whole fresh berries for a tart taste, and of course, as part of the traditional Thanksgiving dish known as cranberry sauce, which can either be whole or jellied.

Tour of the Cape Cod Cranberry Bog The bogs are in full bloom from the middle of June until the middle of July, the cranberries grow from the middle of July until September, and harvesting occurs from September through December. An expert cultivator with more than 28 years of expertise gives guests an in-depth and informative tour of the complete growing process.

When are cranberries harvested?

The month of October is optimal for harvesting the vast majority of cranberry species.Nearly all of the berries will have been picked by the time the month is out, accounting for 95 percent of the total.The harvesting season has finally come to a close.The bogs start to become dormant, and producers begin their maintenance routine for the off-season.As part of their Thanksgiving celebrations, many families will be feasting on the produce of this year’s crop.

When were Cranberries first grown in Massachusetts?

Discover the almost 200 year history of the cranberry in Massachusetts, from its first cultivation in the early 1800s through decades of innovation to develop and evolve the Massachusetts cranberry. This history begins with the first cultivation of the cranberry and continues until the present day. Come and be a part of the cranberry harvest with us in 2021!

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When are cranberries in season in Texas?

By the end of the month of August, the berries had begun to turn pink (turn red). Early season types will start to have their wet and dry harvests towards the middle of the month. The month of October is optimal for harvesting the vast majority of cranberry species. Nearly all of the berries will have been picked by the time the month is out, accounting for 95 percent of the total.

In what month are cranberries harvested?

Harvest. The harvest of cranberries takes place once a year from the middle of September to the beginning of November.

What time of year is cranberry season?

The months of October through December are the best times to purchase American Cranberries, which are a type of cranberry that is native to the northeastern region of both the United States and Canada.

When can you see cranberry bogs?

Cranberry bogs enjoy an unusually extended growing season that lasts from April all the way through November, and they also gain an advantage from the earth becoming frozen for a brief time of dormancy. The fall is the ideal time to visit and witness the berries in all of their splendor once they have matured.

Where are the most cranberry bogs in Massachusetts?

The majority of cranberry farms in the United States are located in Plymouth County and on Cape Cod. According to the Cape Cod Cranberry Growers’ Association, Massachusetts is home to around 400 of the roughly 1,000 cranberry farms in North America.

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How do cranberries get harvested?

There are two methods that may be used to harvest cranberries: the wet harvest and the dry harvest. Only a small portion of cranberries are gathered dry using a mechanical picker in order to be sold as fresh fruit. The vast majority of cranberries are harvested when the field is flooded. The land is flooded in preparation for the wet harvest whenever it is scheduled.

Are cranberries annual or perennial?

The Cultivation and Collection of Cranberries Cranberries are a type of plant that lives for many years and can be seen growing on low-growing vines in sandy bogs and marshes.

What happens to cranberries in the spring?

The cranberry plant emerges from its winter hibernation throughout the months of April, May, and June, which paves the way for the bud to complete its growth into uprights that are adorned with flowers and fruit.

Why are cranberries seasonal?

Background. Cranberries are a distinctive fruit. They must be exposed to a very specific confluence of conditions in order to germinate and survive. The presence of acidic peat soil, an adequate supply of clean water, and a growth season that lasts from April through November are some of the elements that contribute to this.

How do you dry and harvest cranberries?

Harvesting in the Dry Air Growers make use of a mechanized picker that resembles a large lawnmower for the process of dry harvesting cranberries. The berries are plucked from the vine by the picker, which consists of a series of moving metal teeth, and then they are transported by a conveyor belt to a container located at the rear of the machine.

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What state produces the most cranberries?

In the year 2020, around 59 percent of the harvest was grown in Wisconsin, which is the most productive state for growing cranberries in the United States. It is anticipated that production in this state would rise by 1% from 4.6 million barrels in 2020 to 4.7 million barrels in 2021.

Why do cranberries grow in a bog?

What is the definition of a cranberry bog? Because of the high level of wetness that is necessary for cranberries to thrive as well as the procedures that are used to protect and collect them, cranberries are typically cultivated in large depressions that are damp and marshy. These depressions can be the size of whole fields. These fields do not usually have a marshy or flooded appearance.

Are there spiders in cranberry bogs?

In point of fact, they have been present the whole time. While the berries are developing, their buds are opening, and their flowers are blooming, the spiders construct their homes in the vines and rid the vines of any insects that might be present. When the bogs are flooded, the spiders float to the surface and try to keep dry by running across the tops of the berries.

Can I go in a cranberry bog?

Tours of the bog, which is located near Harwich, Massachusetts, are given on a daily basis during the appropriate seasons. Gain an understanding of how a cranberry bog is managed throughout the year. Learn about the machinery, and get up up and personal with the animals.

Where is the Ocean Spray cranberry bog?

The owners and farmers of Ocean Spray, Jeff and Kim LaFleur, welcome guests from all over the globe to their 23.6-acre bog in Plympton, Massachusetts, to participate in hands-on cranberry harvesting programs.

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