What states sell Blue Bell ice cream?

In all, Blue Bell products are available in 23 US states, including Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, the Carolinas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Wyoming.

Can I get Blue Bell ice cream shipped to me?

Q: Can I order Blue Bell to be shipped? A: Yes! Visit Order Ice Cream for more information.

Does Walmart sell Blue Bell ice cream?

Walmart Grocery – Blue Bell Creameries Blue Bell Ice Cream, 3 oz.

What is the most popular Blue Bell ice cream flavor?

Blue Bell began producing the flavor in 1969 and it was an immediate best -seller flying off of the shelves of grocery store freezers. Even today on the Blue Bell website, they continue to claim homemade vanilla to be their most popular ice cream.

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How many died from Blue Bell ice cream?

Texas ice cream maker Blue Bell Creameries has been ordered to pay $17.25 million in criminal penalties for the 2015 deadly listeria outbreak that led to the deaths of three people and forced the ice – cream maker to recall all its products.

Who is Blue Bell owned by?

The company’s corporate headquarters are located at the “Little Creamery” in Brenham, Texas. Since 1919, it has been in the hands of the Kruse family. As of 2015, Blue Bell is the #3 selling ice cream manufacturer in the United States. Blue Bell Creameries.

Type Private
Website bluebell.com

What is the newest Blue Bell flavor?

Blue Bell will debut its newest flavor, Cookies ‘n Cream Cone, in stores starting on Thursday. The flavor is a mix of vanilla ice cream, chocolate crème-filled cookie crumbles, chocolate cone pieces covered in dark chocolate and a chocolate fudge sauce.

Is Blue Bunny ice cream made by Blue Bell?

Blue Bell was the second largest manufacturer of ice cream in the United States, as measured by sales in 2015. Wells Enterprises, Inc. is an American food company and is the largest family-owned and managed ice cream manufacturer in the United States, based in LeMars, Iowa. It is the maker of Blue Bunny ice cream.

Why is it called Blue Bunny?

More than 80 years ago, a Sioux City man submitted a name and a character to a “ Name that Ice Cream” contest after noticing how much his son enjoyed the blue bunnies in a department store window. And so, Blue Bunny was born.

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What’s wrong with Blue Bell ice cream?

According to the indictment, Texas state officials notified Blue Bell in February 2015 that two ice cream products from the company’s Brenham, Texas, factory tested positive for Listeria monocytogenes, a dangerous pathogen that can lead to serious illness or death in vulnerable populations such as pregnant women,

What brand is the best ice cream?

10 Best Ice Cream Brands and Flavors to Eat for Dessert Tonight

  • 6 Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Core.
  • 7 Graeter’s Handcrafted French Pot Ice Cream Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip.
  • 8 Talenti Gelato Caramel Cookie Crunch.
  • 9 Humble Pie.
  • 10 Coolhaus Ice Cream, Awesome, Street Cart Churro Dough.

Does Dollar General sell Blue Bell ice cream?

Most Dollar General stores will carry Blue Bell Ice Cream half gallons, pints and selected take-home snacks.

What is the best selling Blue Bell ice cream?

Most people like to keep it simple, and the most popular brand is Homemade Vanilla. These results line up with the numbers among other brands. Overall, America’s most popular flavors are vanilla, chocolate, cookies ‘n cream, strawberry and mint chocolate chip.

What is Ben and Jerry’s most popular flavor?

These flavors got the most love from our fans:

  • Chocolate Fudge Brownie.
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.
  • Tonight Dough.
  • Phish Food.
  • Strawberry Cheesecake.
  • Americone Dream.
  • Chunky Monkey. Chunky Monkey returns to the top 10 list after falling off in 2019.
  • Brownie Batter Core. Brownie Batter Core makes its debut on the top 10 list!

Can diabetics eat Blue Bell ice cream?

Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom offers eight flavors of 1.5-quart ice cream and five types of treats, including ice cream bars and sandwiches. Note: Sugar alcohols contain carbohydrates according to The American Diabetes Association, so if you have diabetes you should still consider the nutrition label before buying.

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