Ocean Spray whole-canned, canned, canned cranberry sauce

Nutrition Facts
Sodium 3.5mg 0 %
Total Carbohydrate 28g 10 %
Dietary Fiber 0.8g 3 %
Sugar 22g

How many calories are in cranberry sauce?

What is my Recommended Daily Allowance, often known as my RDI? One ounce of cranberry sauce contributes 43 calories to the diet (Sweetened, Canned). The remaining one percent of the calories come from protein, while the remaining 99 percent come from carbohydrates.

What’s inside a can of cranberry sauce?

What exactly is there? Ocean Spray is without a doubt one of the most well-known and widely used brands of canned cranberry sauce. Cranberries, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, and water are the ingredients that go into making their jellied cranberry sauce.

How many calories are in Ocean Spray jellied cranberry sauce?

How long would it take you to burn off the 110 calories that are included in a can of Ocean Spray Jellied Cranberry Sauce?Where do the calories that are found in the canned version of Ocean Spray Jellied Cranberry Sauce originate from?* You can determine how much of a nutrient a single serving of food contributes to a daily diet by looking at the Daily Value (DV) percentage.

The recommendation for daily caloric intake in general nutrition literature is 2,000.

Why is cranberry sauce bad for You?

When it comes to cranberry sauce, however, the issue is typically not that the ingredients are difficult to identify; rather, the issue is that the ingredients that are easy to identify will not be excellent ones.According to Wunder, the most majority of canned cranberry sauce is sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, which ″results in 25 grams of sugar per 1/4 cup serving, with 24 grams of it being added sugar!″

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How much sugar does canned cranberry sauce have?

Nutrition Facts

Calories 110 (460 kJ)
Sodium 10 mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 28 g 9%
Dietary Fiber 0.5 g 2%
Sugars 24 g

How much sugar is in a can of cranberry?

1 slice of cranberry sauce from a can, sweetened (half an inch thick, approximately eight slices per can)

Protein (g) 0.11
Total lipid (fat) (g) 0.09
Carbohydrate, by difference (g) 22.17
Energy (kcal) 86.07
Sugars, total (g) 21.6

Does OCEAN SPRAY cranberry sauce have sugar?

It is crafted with the same distinctive cranberry sweetness as Ocean Spray Juice Cocktail, and it gives your dinner, whether it be around the holidays or at any other time of the year, a little something extra. Cranberry sauce made with Ocean Spray Jellied Cranberries.

Total Fat 0g 0%
Dietary Fiber <1g 2%
Sugars 24g
Protein 0g

Is cranberry sauce in a can healthy?

To reiterate, the antioxidants are effective agents that promote a healthy and long life, and they also have the ability to protect you from acquiring cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, the components that may be found in cranberry sauce can help shield you from the harm caused by free radicals, which can promote the formation of cancer.

How many calories are in a whole berry cranberry sauce?

Cranberry sauce made with Ocean Spray Whole Berry

Calories 110
Calories from Fat

Does jellied cranberry sauce have any nutritional value?

In addition to 0.43 milligrams of iron, 2.10 milligrams of calcium, and 24 milligrams of potassium, one serving (70 grams) of Ocean Spray’s canned, jellied cranberry sauce provides IU of vitamin A, 0.7 milligrams of vitamin C, and mcg of vitamin D.

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Is cranberry sauce high in sodium?

The good news is that this item has a somewhat low amount of sodium and is almost devoid of saturated fat and cholesterol. The bad news is that sugars make up a significant amount of this food’s caloric content.

What is a serving of cranberry sauce?

Cranberry Sauce – 1 cup.

How many net carbs are in cranberry sauce?

A quarter-five-eighth cup serving of jellied cranberry sauce has 100 calories, 0 grams of fat, 26 grams of total carbohydrates, 25 grams of ″net″ carbohydrates, and 0 grams of protein.

How much sugar is in cranberries Ocean Spray?

Excellent contribution to one’s fiber intake. 50 percent less sugar than before (This product contains 7 g sugar compared to 16 g sugar per 0.8 oz serving of Original Craisins Dried Cranberries). Cranberries grown entirely in the United States of North America.

What are the ingredients in canned cranberry sauce?

You may find a brief list of the cranberry sauce’s contents on the back of the container. The most common ingredients are cranberries, corn syrup (sometimes regular and high fructose), water, and citric acid (a preservative).

How much phosphorus is in cranberry sauce?

Sweetened, canned

Nutrition Facts
How much Magnesium is in Cranberry sauce? Amount of Magnesium in Cranberry sauce: Magnesium 8.3mg 3%
How much Phosphorus is in Cranberry sauce? Amount of Phosphorus in Cranberry sauce: Phosphorus 16.6mg 2%
How much Zinc is in Cranberry sauce? Amount of Zinc in Cranberry sauce: Zinc 0.1mg 1%

Can diabetics have cranberry sauce?

Talk to your doctor or other healthcare provider if you have any questions or concerns about how to control your blood sugar. Even for people who already have diabetes, consuming cranberry juice in moderation may be an important component of a balanced and nutritious diet.

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Is cranberry sauce good for your blood sugar?

Cranberries have the potential to lower insulin resistance. Cranberries have been shown to have a favorable effect on insulin and blood sugar in a number of in-vitro, in-animal, and human investigations, including those involving persons with diabetes and insulin resistance.

Is cranberry sauce OK for diabetics?

Cranberries tend to be useful for the regulation of blood sugar, particularly while consuming starchy meals, and are safe for diabetics to enjoy. However, the data is far from clear. Cranberries are safe for diabetics to consume.

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