Wax leaf ligustrum are a versatile tree that may be kept small in pots or grown to a lovely height of 6 to 10 feet in landscaping. Wax leaf ligustrum are available in a variety of sizes. They are mainly low evergreen trees with waxy leaves that are easy to prune and keep in good condition. The little tree grows well in a variety of soils and is resistant to insects and pests of all kinds.

In its native state, this plant grows to be 10 feet tall and 6 feet broad. Because it is so amenable to topiary shapes, this is perhaps the most commonly encountered Privet variety.

Is wax leaf Ligustrum a tree or shrub?

The Wax Leaf Ligustrum can be grown as a tree or as a shrub, depending on your preference. Especially when planted as a shrub, this evergreen is an excellent choice for tiny spaces with little available space. They respond well to pruning, which makes it simple to control the form of the plant.

What does a Ligustrum plant look like?

They are hardy enough to grow in most soil types, to tolerate the majority of pests, and to withstand mild drought and salinity. Late spring or early summer brings an abundance of fragrant flowers to this plant with its dark green, glossy leaves. Ligustrum fruit are fleshy, oblong, and purple-black in color.

Why is Ligustrum (privet) a problem?

For the reason that Ligustrum is an extremely invasive non-native plant that has taken over woodland areas throughout the Eastern United States, displacing native species and dramatically diminishing biodiversity in those regions. Ligustrum (Privet) tree bearing fruit in the early stages of development (will eventually turn dark purple)

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