While additional human research are needed, it appears that cranberry juice may have a number of beneficial effects on women’s health. In addition to alleviating PMS symptoms and avoiding osteoporosis, it can improve postmenopausal health as well as reduce the indications of aging.

What vitamins are in cranberry juice?

It is a wonderful source of micronutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin K1, and vitamin B6. Cranberry is also a good source of fiber. The use of cranberry juice, as well as a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, will guarantee that you meet your recommended daily allowances for all micronutrients.

What happens when you drink cranberry juice?

Additionally, because cranberry juice increases the acidity of the urine, infection-causing bacteria have a more difficult time thriving and are pushed out. Women who are pregnant or who are in their mid-life should drink cranberry juice on a daily basis to avoid getting recurrent urinary tract infections. 9. It helps to prevent scurvy.

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