Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry was a flavor of Sprite that was officially released alongside Coca-Cola Cinnamon for a limited time in stores on September 30th, 2019, and until December 31st, 2019, in the United States, replacing Sprite Cranberry for the fall and holiday season of 2019. The release of these two flavors occurred simultaneously.

When does sprite winter Spiced Cranberry come out?

Sprite lovers can depend on the soda manufacturer to once again offer the extremely popular Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry flavor just in time for the holiday season. In point of fact, the beverage with a wintry motif ought to be offered starting on Monday, October 4 at the majority of the country’s big stores.

Is Sprite and Sprite Cranberry the same thing?

Sprite Cranberry was a variation of Sprite that had a clear hue, just as its replacement, Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry, which was also clear in appearance. The flavor is identical to that of ordinary Sprite, but it also has cranberry flavour added to it. History Annual Publication from the United States (2013 – 2018)

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When did Sprite Cranberry zero come out?

Between the years 2013 and 2018, during the winter months, Sprite Cranberry Zero was made available in stores alongside the original version of the beverage for a brief period. After being first available in the United States of America in 2013, Sprite Cranberry finally made its way to shelves in Canada in 2015.

How long is Sprite cranberry available?

Sprite Cranberry
Year(s) Available: Freeze: US 7-Eleven: 2013 Soda: United States: Holiday 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 US Zero Sugar: 2013 – 2018 Canada: Holiday 2015, 2017, and 2019 Japan: 2017 Belgium: 2017 Puerto Rico: 2018 – Present Jamaica: 2020

Is Sprite cranberry discontinued?

It has been decided that the Original Sprite Cranberry flavor will not be available for the Christmas season this year.Even though it has been replaced by a ″winter spiced″ edition, the original must be brought back since it just cannot compare to the newer version.By joining this petition, you will be contributing to the effort to bring back the finest seasonal drink that has ever been created.

Is there Sprite cranberry in 2021?

Sprite has announced that its Winter Spiced Cranberry flavor will be returning, and the company will also release a ″Zero″ version in 2021. The last few months of the year are perfect for sipping on unique alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that are only available during certain seasons of the year.

Is Sprite cranberry commercial coming back 2021?

After the holiday season in 2018, the Sprite Cranberry flavor was phased out and replaced with the Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry flavor. The Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry flavor is only available for a limited time, however it will be available again in the following year.

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Is Sprite cranberry coming back 2020?

As of the 28th of September in 2020: The introduction of Winter Spiced Cranberry Sprite and Coca-Cola Cinnamon over the Christmas season of 2016 brought a new level of excitement to our celebrations. In light of the fact that the joy of the holidays looks to be just around the corner, it has also been stated that both seasonal sodas will be available once more this year.

Does 7/11 have Sprite cranberry?

The following table contains the dietary information as well as the number of Weight Watchers points associated with a Sprite Cranberry Slurpee Lite purchased at 7-Eleven.

When did Sprite cranberry Lebron come out?

Midway through the month of November in 2017, Sprite introduced its limited-time cranberry flavor, accompanied by a brand-new animated commercial that featured the musical artist DRAM. An animated portrayal of LeBron James appears in the commercial as a special guest star. Because of how easily it can be turned into a meme, the advertisement has been making a reappearance in recent months.

When was Sprite cranberry released?

Sprite first introduced its Cranberry flavor in 2013. The mix of a little sourness and a pleasant sweetness in the lemon-lime drink made it an instant favorite throughout the holiday season. Sprite Cranberry may be used for a multitude of purposes, both within and outside of the glass, making it a versatile flavor that can be appreciated for more than just its taste.

Is Walmart selling Sprite cranberry?

You can get Sprite Soda in a Winter Spiced Cranberry flavor at Walmart.com for 7.5 fluid ounces for a six-pack.

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Why is Sprite cranberry a meme?

Who or what was the inspiration behind the Sprite Cranberry meme? The Sprite Cranberry meme made its debut in 2017, shortly after the beverage brand Sprite debuted a new advertising campaign for their seasonal beverage Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry. Each year, the meme enjoys a surge in popularity during the holiday season.

Is Winter Spiced Cranberry Sprite coming back in 2021?

Sprite will bring back its Winter Spiced Cranberry flavor for the 2021 holiday season, in addition to releasing a new zero-sugar variant. For the 2021 winter holiday season, Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry will be available once again on shop shelves across the country, and it will be accompanied by a brand new version of the beverage that is Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry Zero Sugar.

Does cranberry Sprite taste good?

Sprite Cranberry is among the top beverages that I have tried in the past several years. It has a wonderful flavor and is quite tasty. It’s incredible how well the lemon-lime tastes of sprite and the somewhat astringent flavor of cranberries work together to create such a stunning flavor combination.

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